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An incubator is an organisation designed to help start-up businesses grow and succeed by providing free or low-cost workplace, mentorship, guidance, expertise, Access to investors, and in some instances, working capital in the form of a loan. Applicants often work around other entrepreneurial businesses, with a similar focus.
To join an incubator one has to apply to be accepted and then follow a schedule in order to meet set benchmarks.

State enablers:

These are government institutions, bodies, or ministries which are created with an aim of instigating business growth through dedicated frameworks, environment, tools, and support structures.

Non State Enablers

These are privately run institutions that are created with an aim of instigating business growth through dedicated frameworks, partnerships, tools, environment, and support structures.

Business Mentors.

Business mentors are individuals with more entrepreneurial experience than you and who as trusted confidante and guide with an aim of sharpening your business acumen over a period of time.


These are institutions that take defined programmes during which an entrepreneur works with mentors to build out a start-up as it becomes a fundable business. The time duration is often defined by the accelerator and may range from three months upwards.

Co- working space:

Co-working spaces are dedicated offices areas that are designed to accommodate people from different companies who come to work together while sharing facilities, services, and tools. Sharing infrastructure in this way helps to spread the cost of running these facilities while encouraging serendipitous collaborations.

Non- Deposit Taking Microfinance

Also known as credit only micro financiers, these institutions do not take any form of deposit or cash from a customer. They are not provided in the microfinance Act hence not regulated by the central Bank of Kenya.

Deposit taking microfinance.

These are microfinance institutions that accept cash deposits in form or cash from a customer. They are provided in the microfinance Act hence regulated by the central Bank of Kenya.

Tech innovation Hubs.

Tech Hubs are physical platforms, spaces or environment where a group of people interact, create, work and assist in developing High growth potential technological inventions or solutions.

Special Business Licences:

These are specialised requirements that he government of Kenya has laid down for * selected business to meet before being granted the go ahead to trade or manufacture.

MSMEs Friendly Banks:

Apart from being the largest lenders to the MSMEs, these banks have tailored accounts and affordable funding facilities for the MSMEs to help them grow and upscale.

Agri-Business Support

This arc organisations or institutions that assist farmers with timely training programmes, improved certified inputs, cutting edge science and technological. Interventions aimed at maximising their farm yields while at same time reducing poverty and ensuring food security.

Youth Business Support:

These are institutions that specifically help the youths to either * Start, Run or Upscale their Businesses in Kenya.


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